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Types of Graphic Solutions

Printed Adhesive Films

We can create your print artwork. From supplied images & logos, we recommend and compile graphics to suit requirements such as location, sizing and material selection. Artwork proofs are provided to clients for approval prior to producing high resolution artwork for printing. Here are the wide selection of adhesive vinyls to be printed on.

Clear Vinyl.jpg

Clear Vinyl Film

For transparent images. The film is clear but transparency depends on the amount of ink applied during printing. Darker images use more ink and are less transparent.

Frosted Vinyl.jpg

Frosted Vinyl Film

Allows light but not vision. Similar to clear vinyl, the transparency varies depending in the image/ink.

Tinted Vinyl.jpg

Tinted Vinyl Film

Used to create solid colour effect. Colours can be solid, fade or combined with other films.

Solid Vinyl.jpg

Solid Vinyl Film

Self adhesive signage vinyl is printed with full colour graphics.

These vinyls can be applied to a variety of material including – Glass, metals & laminate surfaces. Glass images can be installed on either the inside or outside of the glass.

One Way Vision.jpg

One Way Vision

An exterior window film made from perforated self adhesive vinyl.

Full colour graphics are viewed from the outside whilst allowing visibility from the inside and some natural light via the tiny perforated holes.

Note : rear of film is black (inside view) and creates a tinted effect.

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